Renfrewshire Council

Bulky waste collection from your home

What a bulky waste collection is, how much it costs, order a bulky waste collection, prepare your items for collection.

If you live in Renfrewshire and have items that are too big to fit in your bins, you can arrange for us to collect them from your home.

You can also drop off items at one of our household waste recycling centres for free or find out where you can donate items using this postcode checker (Zero Waste Scotland website).

How much it costs

Renfrewshire Council tenants get two free (rent funded) bulky waste collections each year. You'll need your rent reference number while submitting your request.

Otherwise, the cost depends on how many and what type of items you have:

General items or bags

General items are anything other than upholstered furniture or white goods, such as black bags, small electrical appliances, or kids toys.

  • 1 to 5 general items or bags: £40
  • 6 to 10 general items or bags: £70
  • 11 to 20 general items or bags: £120
  • Every item or bag over 20: £8 for each item or bag

Upholstered furniture

  • Upholstered furniture: £45 for each item

White goods

  • White goods: £45 for each item

We will not process any refunds once we receive your payment.

Order a bulky waste collection

When ordering your bulky waste collection, you'll need to list every item you'd like us to collect. We will not collect any items that are not listed.

We'll collect your items as soon as possible within 2 weeks.

Order a bulky waste collection.

How to prepare your items for collection

We will not collect any items that are not properly prepared for collection.

Follow the instructions below on how to prepare your bulky waste items for collection.

Upholstered furniture

You must keep any upholstered furniture items separate from any other items you've also asked us to collect. We will not collect items if they are not separated.

Many upholstered seating items are coated with chemicals called 'persistent organic pollutants' (or POPs) to slow down the spread of fire. By keeping upholstered seating separate from other waste items, we can avoid contamination during the recycling process.

Upholstered furniture includes:

  • sofas and sofa cushions
  • sofa beds
  • armchairs
  • kitchen and dining room chairs
  • stools and foot stools
  • home office chairs
  • futons, bean bags and floor cushions
  • electrical recliner chairs.

Other items

  • Any bags of material, such as garden waste or rubble, should be light enough for one person to carry.
  • Carpets and similar items should be cut to 4 feet in length or shorter and, if possible, covered with plastic so they do not become saturated with water. They should be light enough for one person to carry.
  • Trees, branches, and wood should be cut to 4 feet in length or shorter, bundled, and tied together. They should be light enough for one person to carry. Remove or hammer in any nails sticking out from wood so it is safe to handle.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must have their doors removed and positioned so that a child or small animal cannot get inside. Since white goods are recyclable, we may collect them separately from other items in your booking.
  • Any items that are sharp or broken should be wrapped in newspaper or a similar material.