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Are you clued-up to stay safe online?

Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 6 February 2024) reminds us to be vigilant about scams and cyber crime.

Cyber Security web header pink background Digital technology is continually evolving and plays a big role in how we innovate and deliver Council services. This can mean great things for connecting people, sharing ideas, and developing new ways to support local communities. Unfortunately, it also means that cyber criminals are always finding new ways to exploit technology and catch people out with their scams.

That's why, on Safer Internet Day, we're reminding all colleagues that protecting our network is everyone's responsibility. If a cyber criminal successfully attacks our network, it could immobilise our internal systems, prevent essential services reaching people in need and disrupt your salary payments.

EXTERNAL emails—Microsoft Outlook

To help identify emails from outside the Council network, we now have EXTERNAL labels in MS Outlook. When you see 'External' beside the sender's name, please be extra vigilant and don't open the email unless you are sure it's from someone you can trust.

Get clued-up

Remember to:

  • Complete the mandatory cyber security course, 'RenTalks: How to spot a phish', on iLearn if you haven't already done so. This will help you get to know the tell-tale signs of a scam like seemingly urgent requests for personal information or money, or a sender name and email address that don't match.
  • Refresh your knowledge by repeating the mandatory course at least once a year.
  • Delete any suspicious messages right away.
  • If you think you have received a suspicious email, delete it immediately, DO NOT open or send on to anyone else to ask if they think it might be a scam email.
  • If you have interacted with a scam email, stop using your council device and contact ICT on 0141 487 0000 immediately.

Duncan's cyber training helped avoid scam

Youth Homeless Prevention Officer, Duncan McEwan wrote to our cyber security architect Carol Peters to thank her for raising awareness about cyber security. It was thanks to his mandatory training that he was able to spot a convincing scam in his personal inbox and avoid a dangerous threat.

Read Duncan's letter to Carol.

For more information on the latest cyber security advice, keep up to date with staff news and visit RenSafeOnline and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Published on Thursday 06 February 2024