Renfrewshire Council

Money advice service in secondary schools

What money advice you can get at your school, and how to make an appointment.

What advice you can get

You can get help and advice about money worries, including debt, budgeting, benefits, housing, and employment, at your child's secondary school or Additional Support Needs (ASN) school.

If you have money worries of any kind, please make an appointment, and find out if they can help you.

The advice is free, impartial, and confidential for any parent or carer with a child or young person at:

  • secondary school
  • Additional Support needs (ASN) school.

You'll meet with a Citizens Advice Bureau advisor in a private room set aside for your appointment.

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment:

You can book whatever school suits you, on the best date for you - for example, if you'd prefer an appointment to take place at a different school to the one that your child goes to, or your child's school doesn't have appointments on a suitable day.

How to get advice if you don't have children

Free, confidential advice is available to anyone in Renfrewshire.

You have the choice of contacting: