Renfrewshire Council

Prepare for loss of utilities

How to prepare for a loss of power, water or gas and what to do if it happens.

Power cuts

Power cuts and loss of utilities can happen at any time. There are ways you can prepare in advance. 

For helpful advice and tips, visit the Ready Scotland website.

In the event of an unexpected loss of power, you should contact your network provider (not your supplier) by calling 105. Visit the power cut 105 website to find other available channels of communication.

Planned power cuts

Planned power cuts could see people lose power for around three hours at a time. This ensures power supplies are shared fairly with customers. Power suppliers will attempt to provide customer with notice of planned power cuts. If the power cut is due to an emergency, this may not be possible.

Once planned power cuts are approved, a rota is published outlining when your area would be without power. Find your rota area by visiting the power cut 105 website and entering your postcode.

Loss of water

In the event of an unexpected loss of water, visit the dedicated Scottish water webpage. This webpage allows you to check if there's a problem on the 'latest in your area map' or submit a new report. Alternatively, you can contact Scottish Water by calling 0800 077 8778.

Loss of gas

If you smell gas, or have a gas emergency, call 0800 111 999 immediately. (24 hours).

If you have the SignLive app, you can use this service to contact the National Gas Emergency Service. Visit the SignLive website to download the app or login. SignLive provides a free, 24-hour online interpreting service for British Sign Language (BSL) users.