Renfrewshire Council

Blue Badges for organisations

What your organisation can use the Blue Badge for, types of organisations that can apply, when you can't use the organisation's Blue Badge.

Your organisation may be able to get a Blue Badge if you provide care and transportation for disabled people in Renfrewshire who need a Blue Badge.

Organisations like residential care homes, hospices, or local authority social services departments can apply for a Blue Badge.

Taxis, private hire operators and community transport operators are unlikely to get an organisational Blue Badge as their primary business is not the care of disabled people.

Your organisation should have a clear need for its own Blue Badge, rather than using the individual Blue Badges of the people being transported.

If you use the badge when there are no passengers in the vehicle who need a Blue Badge, you could be fined up to £1,000.

To apply for a Blue Badge for your organisation, a senior member of your organisation should apply online on the website and include an organisation stamp or letter-headed paper provided as part of the proof.