Renfrewshire Council

Appeal a parking fine

How to appeal a parking fine, what happens after you've made an appeal.

If you don't think you should have been given a penalty charge notice for a parking fine, you can appeal.

How to appeal a parking fine


You can appeal a penalty charge notice for a parking fine online

Or in writing by email to 

Or by post to:

Renfrewshire Council Parking Section
2nd Floor
Renfrewshire House
Cotton Street

Please use only ONE of the above methods to appeal a parking fine.

You should include as much information to support your appeal as possible, including:

  • the name and address of person making the appeal
  • the charge number  - this starts with 'RP' on the penalty charge notice
  • your vehicle registration number
  • the date and location of the penalty charge notice
  • the reasons for appeal and the circumstances surrounding it
  • any other relevant evidence.

What happens after you've made an appeal

Once you have submitted an appeal for your penalty charge notice, it will be placed on hold whilst we consider your appeal and we are able to respond.

You should receive a response within 10 working days, however this may take a little longer during busier periods.

If you're concerned that you haven't received a response and the time has passed 15 working days, you can ask us to check the status of your appeal by emailing us at

If your appeal is rejected, you will be sent a reply explaining the reasons why and advising what you can do next.

If your appeal is accepted, you will be advised we will withdraw the penalty charge notice.

Making an appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator

If we reject your representation, you have the right to appeal to an independent adjudicator in the Scottish Courts and Tribunals.

We will send you a form with the Notice of Rejection, so you can make an appeal to them if you wish.

If the Scottish Courts and Tribunals rejects your appeal, you will have to pay the full fine amount of £100.

You can only appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator after your representation to us has been rejected. The adjudicator's decision is final.