Renfrewshire Council

Parking fines and penalty charge notices (PCNs)

What a penalty charge notice (PCN) is, what it costs, appealing a penalty charge notice, if you don't pay the parking fine, making an appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator, if you ignore a penalty charge notice.

What a penalty charge notice (PCN) is

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is a method of parking enforcement used by the council when we issue a parking fine. They have a statutory basis under the Road Traffic Act 1991.

It shows the alleged contravention (reason for the parking fine) as well as the place, time and date it occurred.

The registered keeper of the vehicle is liable for the parking fine.

What it costs

A penalty charge notice issued for a parking fine is £60. 

If you pay the fine within 14 days of it being issued, it will be discounted to £30.

If you only pay £30 after the 14 days have expired, this will be considered as part-payment and you'll still need to pay the remaining balance of £30.

How to pay a parking fine

If we receive full payment within 28 days of issuing the penalty charge notice, we will close the case.

If you have lost your penalty charge notice, call us on 0300 300 0380.

Appealing a penalty charge notice

You can appeal the parking fine if you think it was issued incorrectly.

You can't pay the penalty charge notice and appeal it as well.

If you don't pay the parking fine

If we don't receive payment for the fine, we will send a 'Notice to Owner' to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

If you receive a Notice to Owner, you can pay the fine or have a representation made on your behalf.

Representation can only be made on certain grounds which are explained on the Notice to Owner form.

However, we may consider exceptional circumstances that are not covered by the categories on the form.

If we agree with your representation, you'll receive a Notice of Acceptance and the case will be closed.

If your representation is not accepted, you will receive a Notice of Rejection.

Making an appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator

If we reject your representation, you have the right to appeal to an independent adjudicator in the Scottish Courts and Tribunals.

We will send you a form with the Notice of Rejection, so you can make an appeal to them if you wish.

If the Scottish Courts and Tribunals rejects your appeal, you will have to pay the full fine amount of £60.

You can only appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator after your representation to us has been rejected. The adjudicator's decision is final.

If you ignore a penalty charge notice

Do not ignore a penalty charge notice.

It will carry additional charges if you don't pay it, or contest the fine, promptly.

We may issue you with a Charge Certificate

  • if the fine has not been paid 28 days after we've issued a Notice to Owner
  • after an appeal or representation has been refused.

A Charge Certificate will increase the penalty by another 50% of the original charge.

If we issue you with a Charge Certificate, your no longer have the right to appeal.

If the fine remains unpaid, we may pass it to our debt recovery team for further action.