Renfrewshire Council

Animal Wardens

What our animal wardens do, lost or stray dogs, dangerous and illegal dogs, dog fouling and nuisance barking.

What our animal wardens do

Animal wardens encourage responsible dog ownership and deal with complaints about stray dogs and dog nuisance throughout Renfrewshire.

Animal wardens also work with the local community to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership. This includes placing 'no fouling' signage in public areas and monitoring the dog bins provided in various locations.

Lost and stray dogs

How to report a stray dog, what happens to stray dogs, what to do if your dog is lost, advice for dog owners.

More information about lost and stray dogs

Dangerous and illegal dogs

What types and breeds of dogs are banned, out of control dogs.

More information about dangerous and illegal dogs

Dog fouling

Your responsibilities as a dog owner, what you can do, the Take the Lead campaign for dog owners.

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Dog barking

What you can do about nuisance dog barking, taking legal action, what happens at a court hearing.

More information about nuisance dog barking