Renfrewshire Council

Dog barking

What you can do about dog barking, taking legal action, what happens at a court hearing.

What you can do about dog barking

In the first instance, you could informally speak to the dog owner about the barking.

They may not know there is a barking problem as it may only happen at certain times, such as when the owner is out.

Make sure you feel comfortable approaching the dog owner and you're not putting yourself or them at risk.

Contact our animal wardens at 0300 300 0380 or about lost, stray or dangerous dogs.

Taking legal action

If you wish to take civil legal action, you can apply to your local district court for an order.

You'll have to apply for this yourself. We cannot do it for you.

Keeping a record of the issue could help you with your civil case. 

You should take note of: 

  • when it happens
  • how long it goes on for
  • what type of noise it is
  • how this causes annoyance or disturbance
  • anything else you feel is relevant.

There may be a fee for making an application.

What happens at a court hearing

If you go ahead with an application for an order, you'll need to appear in court on the day of the hearing, together with any witness you may have. 

You can also hire a solicitor to act on your behalf, although legal representation is not required. 

The court will also look for information from the dog owner.

If the court decides the dog is causing annoyance, they may order the owner to take action to prevent the annoyance from continuing.

The court cannot order the destruction of the dog.