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Microchipping your dog

What a dog microchip is, why you need to microchip your dog, how to get your dog microchipped, if we find your missing dog.

What a dog microchip is

A microchip is a tiny metal device which is injected under a dog's skin between its shoulder blades.

Every chip has its own unique ID number. This number matches information about your dog held on a nationwide database, along with your contact details. You provide this information when the chip is fitted.

Why you need to microchip your dog

If you own a dog, it's your responsibility to look after your animal and to make sure that it can be quickly identified if stolen or lost.

By law, you need to have your dog fitted with a microchip and ensure that the details registered on the database are kept up to date.

All dogs are now legally required to be chipped by the time they are eight weeks old.

How to get your dog microchipped

Microchipping is available from many animal welfare groups and vets.

The cost of microchipping is £21.45 including VAT.

You can find out more about microchipping your dog on the website

If we find your missing dog

If your dog is found by our dog wardens or the police, they will check to see if it has been fitted with a chip.

If it has, they will check the microchip ID number on the microchipped dogs database to find your contact details and return your dog to you.

What happens to lost or stray dogs