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Apply for funding from our Local Partnerships

Who can apply for Local Partnership funding, what the funding can be used for, how to apply, how we decide on the funding.

Local Partnerships provide small grants and funding for local activities and projects that help them to meet their Local Priorities. 

We've made some changes to this funding, so please take the time to read this guidance - even if you've applied before.

About the fund

We want to support projects that bring communities together around their shared priorities for where they live.

We believe that communities that work together and share resources provide a stronger and more sustainable impact.

We want applications from projects that demonstrate how they connect with their communities, make best use of the existing skills and assets in an area, and will provide the biggest possible impact to those who need it most.

Please be aware that we always have more applications than we're able to fund, so Local Partnerships will prioritise awards based on their Local Priorities, and the projects they feel will have the most impact for people in their local area.

  • Awards of up to £5,000 are available for voluntary and community organisations.
  • Applications can be submitted to more than one Local Partnerships.
  • Awards are for local activities and projects which bring communities together.
  • Each Local Partnership has its own Local Priorities for this area. Applications should clearly show how they contribute to the Local Priorities in the area they are applying.
  • Applications should explain why there's a need for the project and how it will be delivered for the benefit of people in the Local Partnership area.
  • Applications should consider how the project adds value to services currently available in your local community, and work collaboratively with other groups to maximise the impact of the project.
  • There may be other Council and external funding streams which better fit your project or organisational objectives. Officers may contact you as part of the process to explore other possible funding options.
  • If your application is successful, the Council's Conditions of Grant require you to evidence the impact of your project. We will only ask for information that we need as part of the process, but it is important for Local Partnerships to know what impact funding is having within their local area. Local Partnerships may choose not to fund organisations who have not met the grant conditions for previous awards.

Who and what we'll fund

Who can apply

We welcome applications from any community or voluntary organisation operating in Renfrewshire. Applicants must have a constitution and a bank account and be accountable to their members.

Who cannot apply

While the focus is on what will be achieved, there are some organisation types that aren't eligible for this fund:

  • An individual
  • A commercial or for-profit organisation
  • Departments or services of Renfrewshire Council

What we can fund

Provided your project meets the Local Priorities, we can fund a wide range of costs and items.

However, your application should state how your project adds value to existing services or provision - we won't fund costs that are already being incurred such as projects that have already occurred or core costs of staff members.

Your project should consider how you involve your community in the design and delivery of the project to help show it's really needed.

Here are some projects we've funded previously and below are examples of what can be funded. If you're not sure whether we can fund an item, please speak to us beforehand by calling 0141 487 1512, or send an email to us at

  • Improving community facilities such as a building or land to make them better and more accessible for community use.
  • Enhancing or creating community gardens to provide attractive spaces to be enjoyed by the community.
  • Community events that provide opportunities for local people to gather together.
  • Projects that help people get out and about and meet together so they are socially connected in the community and don't feel isolated.

What we cannot fund

Unfortunately, we cannot fund everything and this fund will not cover:

  • projects that don't meet the Local Priorities of the Local Partnership they are applying to
  • projects that don't clearly show how they will deliver their project in the Local Partnership area
  • large projects which require significant funding or investment
  • construction or refurbishment projects where building regulations approval, planning permission or landlord consent are needed and haven't yet been obtained
  • costs of activities which have already happened
  • projects which exist to further religious or political beliefs
  • trips abroad and hospitality to other organisations
  • installation, storage and maintenance of Christmas lighting where this has not been agreed in advance with Council officers.

Awards are one-off and are not intended to provide ongoing funding for the same or similar activities on an annual basis. We may need further information about the sustainability of your project if you are applying for general running costs or existing costs of your organisation (utility bills, staffing and so on).

Local Partnerships may choose not to award funding to previous applicants who have not complied with grant conditions, for example, not providing feedback on their project.

How much funding is available

Awards of up to £5,000 are available for voluntary and community organisations.

Local Partnerships may choose to limit total awards further, or part fund projects, if they are oversubscribed.

Some Local Partnerships also have access to additional funding, called 'Common Good' funding. There is no limit on awards from the Common Good. This applies in the Renfrew, Paisley North, Paisley East and Gleniffer Local Partnerships.

Funding priorities

We always get more applications than we're able to fund and use the Local Priorities to make decisions. 

The Local Priorities for each of the seven Local Partnerships are set out here: What the priorities are for each Local Partnership

Preparing your application

Remember that we know nothing about your project so it's important you take your time to explain the essentials:

  • Who will benefit
  • Why the project is needed
  • How you'll deliver those benefits

About your project

Think about the people you're going to work with and be clear how you know they need this project.

We particularly encourage applications that have been developed by the communities they'll support. This helps show there's a need for the activity.

You should also think about other services that may currently be offered by other organisations in the area. Explain how your project complements these.

Consider the potential impact or outcomes it'll have on participants but be realistic with your targets and ambitions.

If you apply for a project in more than one Local Partnership, it should be clear how the project will benefit people in each Local Partnership area. Be clear about where the project is based, how it is promoted within the Local Partnership and how you know if specifically benefits people from the Local Partnership you are applying to.


Tell us the resources you need to deliver the activity and how you'll ensure your project is a success.

Make it clear how many people will benefit, and how you'll reach the residents in the Local Partnership area you are applying.

Think about any other organisations you'll work with to help maximise the benefit of the project and how you'll achieve a legacy with the project.

If the amount you apply for from Local Partnerships funding is one part of a larger package with funding from other sources, please tell us about the other funding.


You will be asked to provide a breakdown of what any potential funding will be spent on.

Consider whether your budget is offering the best value for money and includes all the costs you need to deliver the activity, even if you don't require all the money from us.

Supporting documents

We ask that you provide some key pieces of supporting documentation with your application. Your application cannot be considered until this has been submitted.

You will need to provide:

  • A bank statement (less than 3 months old)
  • Annual accounts or Income & Expenditure Statement (this should be less than 15 months old. New organisations should submit estimates of income and expenditure for the first 12 months)
  • Constitution or Memorandum and Articles of Association (must be dated and signed)

If you have project plans, budget, letters of support or videos that show the impact of your work, upload them or provide links to them when you submit your application.

After you've applied

Your application and documents will be checked and then stored on the Council system. Please bear with us as our team respond to the demand for our funding. If we need some more information, we may contact you.

A summary of your application will be prepared and included in the papers for the relevant Local Partnership meeting. The members of the Local Partnership in each area will make a decision on each funding application.

We'll try and notify you of the decision as soon as possible. You will not be required to attend or expected to speak at a Local Partnership meeting. Local Partnerships are public meetings, and may take place in-person or online. You are welcome to attend the meetings to observe or watch the recordings.

Local Partnerships only have limited funds available and cannot fund everything they would like to, including some really good projects. Applicants might not receive funding, even if they have previously been successful.

Local Partnership funding is for the provision of additional projects in the community and should not be relied on if you are applying for funds needed to keep your organisation going. If you need funding for this reason, please speak to us about sustainability funding.

If you're successful

If you're successful, you'll receive an award agreement by email, stating the purpose of the award and containing our terms and conditions, along with our monitoring and feedback requirements.

It'll also contain forms you'll need to fill in to accept and claim your award. Please read your award letter carefully and keep it safe for future reference. 

Your grant funding is intended specifically for what you've applied for, and any proposed changes must be discussed with us in advance.

You should also keep all receipts and evidence of expenditure.  Payments for goods and services for the project must be made directly from the organisation's bank account (i.e. not by cash) as we may request bank statements to verify project expenditure.  You should make sure payments from your account are clearly annotated.

There are some new 'Fair Work First' rules that apply to all Council grants. This means if we award you a grant, you must follow the Fair Work First criteria to:

  • pay at least the real Living Wage if, it applies to your project
  • provide appropriate channels for effective workers' voice, such as trade union recognition.

When to apply 

25 March 2024: Applications for funding are invited. Applicants write their applications reflecting local priorities.

25 April 2024: Closing date for submitting Local Partnership grant funding applications for consideration at May or June 2024 meetings.

Date to be confirmed: Celebrating Renfrewshire - participatory budgeting work takes place to allocate funding to youth projects, Separate guidance will be available when the fund is launched.

May or June 2024: Local Partnerships make decisions to allocate funding from the General Grant Fund and Common Good Funds.

June 2024: Celebrating Renfrewshire successful applications announced.

How to apply 

Fill in this online application form: Voluntary and Community Grant application form

If you cannot complete an application form online, call the Community Planning team on 0141 487 1512 or email us at

You should make sure you have understood what the Local Priorities are for the area you are applying to before completing your application.

The deadline is 25 April 2024 for consideration at the May or June 2024 meetings.

The online form has guidance notes throughout the process to help you with the information to enter in each section.

Feedback on previous applications

Local Partnerships require feedback from previous applications. Your feedback may be presented at the meeting with your application for future funding.

If you received Local Partnership funding for 2023/24, tell us how the funding you received for your project made a difference to the area. You will receive an email requesting feedback along with notification of the opening of 2024/25 applications.

Feedback must be received by 25 April 2024.

Who to contact

Questions about your project or application

If you want to talk to someone about your project, email the Community Planning team at or call us on 0141 487 1512.

Questions or issues submitting your application

If you're having technical issues with your application form, or need to submit a paper copy, email for call 0141 487 0962.

Information events

To help local groups with their applications, prospective applicants are encouraged to attend one of the drop-in information sessions with Renfrewshire Council's Community Planning Team.

2 April 2024Online session10.30am-12.30pm
10 April 2024Online Session5pm - 7pm

Email the Community Planning team at to register your interest. We will send an MS Teams invite to you..

If you need some advice but can't attend the online sessions, please contact us and we can arrange to speak or meet with you separately.


Where you can find other sources of funding

There are other sources of funding for community groups and people who can help you to access this funding or help develop your organisation or group.

The Engage Renfrewshire website is at or you can call them on 0141 887 7707.

The Invest in Renfrewshire Communities Team can be contacted by email on, via their web page or by telephone on 0300 300 1180.