Renfrewshire Council

Food takeaway and delivery services

The Scottish Government has published guidance in relation to the relaxation of planning enforcement action which would allow public houses and restaurants to provide takeaway services on a temporary basis, where temporary local or national restrictions do not prevent this. 

Where premises are licensed to include off-sales of alcohol, the delivery of alcohol with food will be permitted during the period of the current restrictions, subject to compliance with the requirements of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Licensing Board's alcohol delivery conditions - which can be found at Appendix III of the Board's Statement of Licensing Policy:

 Statement of Licensing Policy 2018-2022 [248KB]

Food premises registration

Anyone starting a new food business must register with us at least 28 days before doing so.

The Food Premises (Registration) Regulations 1991 state that all food premises including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures have to be registered with the council.

Registration lets the council keep an accurate, up-to-date list of all the premises in our area so that we can visit them when required. The frequency of these visits depends on the type of premises.

If you run a food business establishment, you must tell us, or arrange for someone else to tell us about any premises you use for storing, selling, distributing or preparing food.

Examples of food premises

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, supermarkets, staff canteens, kitchens in offices, warehouses, guest houses, delivery vehicles, market and other stalls, hot dog van, ice cream vans, etc.

How to register

Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge. If you use premises in more than one council area, you must register with each council separately.

Please complete the form as accurately as possible. It is an offence to give information which you know is false.

If you have any queries about filling in the form, please contact us.

Click here to complete registration form.

The council will enter the details on a register. The register shows the addresses and the type of business carried on at each premises. It is open to inspection by the general public and will be published on this website in the near future. The other information provided will not be publicly available.

Change of circumstances

When you register with us, you only need notify us again where there is a change of proprietor, a change in the nature of the business, or a change of address at which movable premises are kept. The new proprietor will have to complete an application form. If we want to change your entry in the register because of information received from someone else you will be given 28 days notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed change.


If your business uses vehicles based at a permanent premises such as a shop, or warehouse, you only need to tell us how many vehicles you have. You don't need to register each vehicle separately. If you have one or more vehicles but no permanent premises, you must tell us where they are normally kept.  You must also have a street traders certificate of compliance.  The application form can be found in the 'related media' section of this page.