Renfrewshire Council

Work is ongoing within our cemeteries and churchyards to carry out inspections of memorial monuments and headstones, with any found to be dangerous or unsafe being laid flat.

This follows the introduction of guidance by the Scottish Government to ensure memorial safety following the tragic death of a child in a Scottish cemetery.

All work will be carried out as sensitively and respectfully as possible. It is unfortunately not possible to reach lair owners in advance of an inspection and work being carried out, but marker notices and signage at each cemetery are in place to provide lair holders with information to contact us for details on how to ensure their memorial meets the required safety standards.

You can contact us for more information via 0300 300 0380 or email


We arrange around 700 internments each year and process an average of 450 memorial applications each year.

On this page:

We provide a burial service and maintains nine cemeteries within Renfrewshire. 

AbbeyAbbey RoadElderslie
ArklestonArkleston RoadRenfrew
BishoptonHouston RoadBishopton
BroomwardOld RoadElderslie
HawkheadHawkhead RoadPaisley
HoustonHouston RoadHouston
InchinnanOld Greenock RoadInchinnan
KilbarchanBridge of Weir RoadBrookfield
LochwinnochLinthills RoadLochwinnoch

Cemetery charges 

See the cost of burials at a cemetery on the fees and charges page.

Woodland burial site at Lochwinnoch Cemetery

Our woodland burial site at Lochwinnoch cemetery offers a return to nature for those who wish to be buried with trees and among birds, mammals and wild flowers. 

Positioned at an informal setting sloping down to the River Calder, it is not an area for those who wish a burial in a formal layout with regularly maintained grass. The area will be managed for the benefit and development of trees and wildlife.

Each lair will hold one burial. An adjacent lair can be purchased in reserve where family members wish to be buried together. These lairs cost the same price as conventional lairs.

No memorials are allowed. Instead of a memorial, a tree is planted to identify the lair. Planting of indigenous tree species will normally take place over the dormant season (November to March). There are also two small commemorative walls at the entrance to the woodland burial site where lairholders can arrange the placing of name plaques and messages.

While we prefer the use of environmentally-friendly coffins such as cardboard or wicker, we do not exclude burials in traditionally-made coffins.


Woodside Cemetery and Crematorium is a privately run business. You can contact them at 0141 889 2260.

War memorials

We are responsible for the maintenance of numerous war memorials in the towns and villages of Renfrewshire. 

With the exception of those memorials located within cemeteries, most can be visited at any time. 

A memorial to the Victoria Cross medal winners from the Renfrewshire area was unveiled on 26 June 2007 in Hawkhead Cemetery.

Main war memorial locations

  • Hairst street, Renfrew
  • Bowfield Road, Howwood
  • Bishopton Road, Houston
  • Houston Square, Johnstone
  • The Cross, Kilbarchan
  • Abbey Cemetery, Elderslie
  • Kilbarchan Road, Bridge of Weir
  • Harvey Square, Lochwinnoch
  • Hawkhead Cemetery, Paisley
  • Paisley Cross, Paisley

Arranging a headstone

Lairholders are entitled to have a memorial erected at their lair. Normally, monumental masons submit a memorial application to the council on behalf of the lairholder. The monumental mason can then proceed with the installation of the memorial. Certain styles of memorials may not require a foundation.

For further information please use our contact details at the bottom of this page. The lairholder remains responsible for all future maintenance of the memorial.

Arranging burials

If arranging a funeral through an undertaker, the undertaker will contact our office on your behalf to provide the information we require for the burial. 

Some interments such as cremated remains can be arranged privately.

Change of details/transfer of title deeds

In order to maintain accurate records, it is important lairholders or other family members advise our office of any changes in lairholder name, address, etc. 

Upon the death of the lairholder, the lair should be transferred to maintain a point of contact for any issues which may arise regarding the lair or memorial.

Checking cemetery records

The records for all our cemeteries are held at the cemetery office in Renfrewshire House. 

Depending on the accuracy of the information you provide and the volume requested we may be able to provide this free of charge, however, there may be a charge for this service. Please visit the Cemeteries link on our Fees and Charges webpage.

If you want to find out where someone is buried, you should use the contact details below.