Renfrewshire Council

Care at home

What care at home is, what help you can get at home or in hospital, what we can help with, who can get free care and paying for care.

What care at home is

The aim of care at home is to help vulnerable people of all ages live independently and securely in their own homes by providing personal and housing support services. Care at home services are provided very much on each individual's own circumstances and needs.

To get help from care at home services you can contact a member of staff who will be able to help you (see contact details below). Also, anyone such as a friend, relative, doctor or other concerned person can, with your agreement, contact social work on your behalf.

What help you can get

You can request a community alarm and community meals online, and will receive a response within 2 working days. For other kinds of social care, you can refer yourself or someone you know using our online form.

Once your details have been recorded you will be visited by a member of staff, at home, to discuss your needs and those of your carer. This is called an assessment. The member of staff may also suggest, as part of a care plan, other services that can be of help such as lunch clubs or volunteer schemes.

If you are in hospital, there are social workers that you can approach for help.

Longer term support is provided on the basis of individual need and circumstances.

What we can help with

Practical help is available for people who have difficulty:

  • getting up or going to bed
  • getting washed
  • getting dressed
  • getting to the toilet
  • preparing meals
  • eating
  • looking after basic hygiene in their home

As well as help you might need with the above tasks you may also be assessed as needing help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, paying bills or housework. Your assessor will advise you about the local services or voluntary groups that can help with these tasks.

Preparing meals - the care at home service can assist with breakfast preparation. Help can be given to prepare other meals for people who need help with eating. For people who don't need help with eating all main meals are delivered by the community meals service to meet needs at lunchtime and in the evening. Hot meals and snacks are available 365 days per year and a choice of menu is offered to individuals. Special diets are accommodated within the menu choices. A charge per hot meal or snack is applied and charged every 4 weeks.

The help you receive may be provided by social work or by an independent organisation. In either case, you will be told of the level and type of service to be provided.

Who can get free care and paying for care at home

A financial assessment is completed for each individual referred for care at home services. Assistance can be given to claim any welfare benefit you may be entitled to.

For everyone over 65 years of age, personal care is provided free.

For other housing support services and for people under 65 years, a charge may be applied. Any charge will depend on the income of the person receiving the service and the Council will never charge more than the cost of a service. Charges, not means tested, are applied to the provision of community meals and for a community alarm service.