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What the reablement service is, how it works, how you can get reablement support.

What the reablement service is

Reablement is a care at home service that helps older people to live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. The service provides support and encouragement to help keep up or increase the skills and confidence needed to be able to return home after a stay in hospital or after an illness. The focus of reablement is to work alongside the person who needs help so that we can assess what they can do for themselves and what we can help them learn to do again.

The service is for people aged 65 and over who live in Renfrewshire. Reablement will be provided to help people who have had a stay in hospital, an illness, a fall or who find they can't manage without some help.

Most people referred for care at home will receive a reablement service in the first instance to help support and improve independence. Long term services can be provided following reablement if ongoing support is needed.

How reablement works

The reablement team works with the person for a number of weeks providing support and encouragement to help them get back in control. The team includes staff with the skills and experience to help people regain as much of their independence as possible. The support provided is practical and a plan is drawn up together with the person who will make decisions about what they want to achieve. People are helped to regain the skills they need to do things for themselves which could be anything from getting washed and dressed to preparing meals. It also provides the person with other services and support when needed, like telecare or community meals. Reablement changes the culture of traditional home care from 'doing to' or 'doing for' people to 'doing with' them.

The support plan is reviewed regularly to check the progress of the person and to make sure the goals they have set for themselves are being met.

At the end of the reablement period, some people will be able to live fully independent lives, and no longer have to depend on care services. For others who might need some ongoing help to stay at home we arrange longer term support.

How you can get reablement support

Before beginning reablement, an assessment of your needs and abilities is required. Assessments can be from community or hospital-based health professionals, or via Community care assessment.