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Advice for landlords about homelessness

Who must notify us when their actions could make households homeless, what information you need to provide, how to get in touch with us, complying with section 11 of the Homelessness Persons etc (2003) Act.

Privately renting out a property requires certain legal documents and compliance with health and safety legislation. Please visit our dedicated Private Landlords section for more in-depth information on areas such as registration, responsibilities and public forums.

If you are a landlord and are looking to end a tenancy agreement, then, along with all the legal notices, there are certain procedures that should be followed.

Who must notify us when their actions could make households homeless

The following groups are required, by law, to notify us when they raise action such as issuing certain legal notices, applying to the Sheriff Court or First Tier Tribunal for Scotland:

  • Housing Associations
  • Private Landlords
  • Letting Agents
  • Lenders
  • Creditors

This is to ensure we have advance notice of when someone is at risk of being evicted or having their home repossessed.

What information you need to provide

Please get in touch with us and we can advise you of the information you're required to provide. We can then supply you with the forms to complete and return.

It may also be helpful to download the following forms for additional information*:

  • Notification of Pending Eviction
  • Pre-Court Notification Form
  • Record of Action Taken
  • Section 11 Notice by Creditor
  • Section 11 Notice by Landlord

*Please note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents, which can be downloaded on the Acrobat Reader website for desktop, and via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for mobile phones.

How to get in touch with us

You can contact us by phone at 44 (0)300 300 0222 or email us at

Or you can visit us at

Housing Advice and Homeless Services
Abercorn Street Service
15 Abercorn Street
Paisley PA3 4AA

Complying with section 11 of the Homelessness Persons etc (2003) Act

Section 11 of the Homelessness Etc (Scotland) Act 2003 places a duty on all Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), Private landlords, Letting Agents, Lenders and Creditors to notify the relevant Scottish local authority when they raise proceedings for possession of a property because of rent arrears or serve certain legal notices relating to default on a mortgage or secured loan.