Renfrewshire Council

Options for owners of empty homes

What advice and practical assistance is available to help private home owners bring their empty home back into use.

If you own an empty home in Renfrewshire there are a range of options you can take to bring it back into use.

Empty homes can cost owners on average £14,306.31 per year in lost rent, Council tax payments, insurance and security costs, as well as maintenance costs.

By bringing an empty home back into use, you can help increase housing supply and reduce carbon emissions.

Advice and options for empty home owners

Our More Homes Officer can provide advice on the options to bring your empty home back into use, including:

  • Property Matchmaker Scheme - you can connect with developers looking to buy properties
  • VAT Discounts - you may be eligible for VAT reductions if your property has been empty over a certain period of time
  • Merchant Discounts - you may be eligible for discounts from participating builders merchants under the Empty Homes Partnership
  • Letting and renting opportunities.

If you would like to discuss the options available, contact Allana McLuskey, More Homes Officer, at or call 07811 055 016.