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Road sweeping

Our schedule of road sweeping across Renfrewshire, why we undertake sweeping of road edges.

Our schedule of road sweeping across Renfrewshire

As part of the Team Up to Clean Up campaign, we have increased mechanical sweeping activity around Renfrewshire covering all geographical areas to keep our streets cleaner.

Keeping our roadside drains and gullies clear and free of litter is important. 

The programme below shows where our road sweepers visit on a week-to-week basis in your community.

Districts on route 1

Districts on route 1

Foxbar, Lounsdale, Meikleriggs

Glenburn, Potterhill & Stanley

Lochfield, Hunterhill, Dykebar & Ben Nevis Estate

Ferguslie Park, Linwood Road, Gockston & Shortroods

Elderslie, Millerston, Castlehead

Spateston, Cochrane Castle & Johnstone Castle

Milliken Park, Quarrelton & East of Johnstone Town Centre

Dean Park, Arkleston & Loanhead


Districts on route 2
Districts on route 2


Freeland, Inchinnan (including Industrial Estate), Bishopton & Langbank

Kirklandneuk, Fulbar, Moorpark, Porterfield, Kings Inch & Robertson Park

Lochwinnoch, Howwood, Kilbarchan & Brookfield

Bridge of Weir, Houston & Crosslee

Linwood & Craigends

Ralston, Oldhall, Gallowhill & Barshaw Park

Blackhall, Seedhill, Whitehaugh

Paisley, Renfrew & Johnstone Town centres to be mechanically swept regularly

You can help by keeping vehicles away from the roadside wherever possible to allow increased access and more effective roadside sweeping.

Why we undertake sweeping of road edges

Cleaning the road edges (gullies) is predominantly undertaken by a large mechanical sweeper which brushes and lifts items of litter, detritus, grit and other loose material.

This improves both the functioning of the gully and the appearance, allowing an increased flow of water along the kerb edge into roadside gully pots.

The sweeping consists of vacuuming waste from any gully, inspecting the health of the drain before carrying out high pressure water jetting to remove any remaining obstructions.

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