Renfrewshire Council

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Focus on: Gully cleaning

As part of our 'Team Up to Clean Up' campaign, we have invested in our gully cleaning service - increasing the number of machines and crews on the road.

To assist our activity, we would ask that, where possible, residents keep vehicles away from gullies to allow us to access them for cleaning

What is a gully and why does it need to be cleaned?

A gully consists of a concrete pot positioned under the road surface with an iron grate visible from the road.

The water collects in the pot and is then channeled through a series of pipes before connecting into the main sewer network.

Drains and grates can be blocked by leaves, mud, litter and other detritus, stopping the free flow of water throughout the sewage system and leading to standing water on roads and walkways.

Cleaning consists of vacuuming any waste, inspecting the health of the drain and carrying out high pressure water jetting to remove any remaining obstructions.

The gully operates similar to a toilet with a water trap in place to prevent smells from the sewer. The public can be reassured that seeing water within a gully, is a normal sight and shouldn't cause any concern.

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