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Community Asset Transfer

What is Community Asset Transfer?

Community Asset Transfer is where responsibility for an asset transfers from the Council to a community group or voluntary organisation.

This could be through:

  • a transfer of management responsibility 
  • a short, medium or long term lease, or
  • a transfer of ownership.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act (2015) came into force on 23 January 2017. 

Community Asset Transfer Policy

Our Community Asset Transfer Policy has been developed to enable the Council to work in partnership with local organisations for the benefit of our communities. 

The policy recognises that by transferring assets to community groups and voluntary organisations, providing the groups meet the criteria, our communities can benefit.

The Asset Transfer element of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 will help to empower Community Transfer Bodies through the transfer of land and buildings. The Act details how community groups can seek to buy, lease, manage or occupy land or buildings owned by public sector bodies. 

Each public sector body must publish and maintain a list of their assets both leased and owned.  In addition they must also publish details of requests received in relation to an asset, details of representations for / against the request, decisions in relation to requests alongside supporting evidence and finally an annual report.  

You can download a copy of the master list from the Related documents section or alternatively search using the Community Asset Transfer Property Search Database link in the Related articles section.


Community Asset Transfer Appeals - Part 5 Community Empowerment(Scotland) Act 2015

Renfrewshire Council's Community Asset Transfer Panel at its meeting on 4 December 2020 refused the request  from the Community Transfer body, UP2US Ltd for their request for a Community Asset Transfer of the property known as Barnbrock Farm, Lochwinnoch. The decision notice letter outlining the Asset Transfer Panels reasons is provided.

In terms of the Community Empowerment ( Scotland) Act 2015,  Part 5, Section 86 (2)

On an application made by a Community Asset Transfer Body, the local authority must carry out a review of the case.

In terms of section 86(5) - A local Authority may, in relation to a decision review under subsection 86(2)-

  • Confirm its decision
  • Modify its decision, or any part of its decision ( including any terms and conditions specified in its decision notice to which the asset transfer request relates) or
  • Substitute a different decision for its decision.

UP2US LTD have submitted an application as at 10 February 2021, in accordance with the legislation and are requesting that the Council reviews the decision taken and intimated to them by decision notice letter date 13 January 2021.

UP2US have submitted the following documentation (downloadable in the related documents section of this web page) in support of their request for this decision notice to be reviewed and for their proposed CAT to proceed. Documents attached are for review purposes.

Renfrewshire Council in terms of its Community Asset Transfer Review procedures will request that its Infrastructure Land & Environment Policy Board convenes its sub -committee, to consider this request for a review this case, and to determine whether the Asset Transfer Panel's decision should be upheld, modified or substituted

Should you have an interest in this Community Asset Transfer request, and wish to comment upon the proposed Asset Transfer review request, please provide your comments prior to the 24th March 2021 on the Councils community asset transfer email shown below.