Renfrewshire Council

Keep Safe

The Keep Safe initiative is the first of its kind in Scotland.

It aims to support and encourage disabled, vulnerable and elderly people to keep safe and enjoy ordinary day-to-day life and activities without fear of abuse, intimidation and harassment.

It is a Police Scotland led initiative developed in partnership with Renfrewshire community group I Am Me. 

How does Keep Safe work?
Police Scotland and I Am Me work together to invite and train local businesses and public services (such as libraries and leisure centres) to join the initiative and become a Keep Safe premises.

Businesses signed up to the initiative agree to support and help disabled, vulnerable and elderly people by providing a safe place for them to go if they are lost, scared, need help or if they are the victim of crime.

These businesses are easily recognised as a Keep Safe premises as they will display a Keep Safe window sticker.

Staff within these premises will be able to help by using the information contained on their Keep Safe Card to contact a relative or named person and the police or other emergency services as appropriate.

Disabled, vulnerable and elderly people are offered a Keep Safe Card to carry which includes the name of the holder, the telephone numbers of people who can assist them, information on their health, how they communicate and Police Scotland telephone numbers.

Look for the Keep Safe logo on display in local shops and other businesses.

Would you like a Keep Safe card?

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Would your business like to take part?

Are you a retailer, business or public service who would like to support disabled, vulnerable or elderly people by signing up to Keep Safe?

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