Renfrewshire Council

Report a hate crime

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice based on the victim's:

  • disability
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • transgender

We believe that there is no excuse for any form of hate crime: it is simply not acceptable and it will not be tolerated.

When it does happen, we want the justice system to deal with such crimes effectively so that victims have the confidence to report it, secure in the knowledge that they will receive a good level of service from the police and other agencies.

There are several ways you can report a hate crime to the police:

  • At your local police office or, if someone is in immediate danger, phone 999.
  • By completing an online hate crime form, available from the Police Scotland website (you can submit the form online if you prefer to remain anonymous).
  • At a remote reporting centre (such as a Renfrewshire library), where trained staff can take your report.

Reporting incidents assists Strathclyde Police in tackling hate crime. The information you provide is valuable because it helps the police to identify areas of concern or patterns of behaviour and could lead to the prosecution of offenders.