Renfrewshire Council

Supported carers

Supported carers provide care leavers in Renfrewshire with an accommodation placement in their home. 

Young people in these placements benefit from living with a supported carer who can support them to acquire independent living skills, give them advice and guidance, and perhaps most importantly, emotional support when they need it. 

The main aim of the scheme is to prepare young people for living on their own, and supported carers achieve this by providing a caring, secure environment whilst also allowing young people independence to carry out household tasks, such as cooking and washing clothes, and to undertake other work and social commitments.

What do I need to become a supported carer?

Supported carers need to be able to offer young people a bedroom of their own within their home.  Young people must also have access to cooking and washing facilities to allow them to develop independent living skills.  Supported carers should be prepared to offer young people practical and emotional support to young people when they need it, and will be supported by the Throughcare team to so this. 

Supported carers will be expected to:

  • Assist young people to develop practical skills needed to run a home such as cooking, budgeting, cleaning, operating household appliances etc.;
  • Encourage young people to engage in a healthy and productive daily routine, and to sustain work, training or education placements;
  • Listen to young people, and offer emotional support when required;
  • Support young people to develop a positive social network and lead an active fulfilling life;
  • Display a non-judgmental attitude and respect the young person's right to privacy, dignity and freedom of choice. 

Supported carers will receive:

  • Training and support from the Throughcare team
  • A weekly allowance

How do I apply to become a supported carer?

If you are interested in becoming a supported carer, you should contact the Throughcare team to discuss your suitability for the role in more depth.  Following this, a member of the Throughcare team will visit your home to check the suitability of the accommodation to be offered to young people, and to discuss the assessment process in more detail.  Assessments typically take between three and six months, and all applications are reviewed by a panel of senior managers from social work and independent representatives from external organisations.  The aim of the assessment is to clarify the role of a supported carer, assess the applicant's suitability for the role, and identify training and support needs.

Telephone: 0141 618 4531