Renfrewshire Council

Impact on women of domestic abuse

The impact of abuse and violence will be dependent on each woman and the circumstances she finds herself in.


You may feel very isolated because of the abuse you are experiencing and when you feel isolated you don't get the contact with, and support from, other people that you need. 

You will not get access to the services and organisations that could help you. This feeling of isolation may prevent you from telling someone about the abuse you are suffering.


Sometimes the only way for you to stop the abuse is to move out of your home. This may worry you as you can become homeless and this can be a daunting thought. 

Women's Aid can offer you temporary accommodation. You can also apply to the homeless unit for temporary housing.


You may not be allowed to work by your partner. If you do have a job you may have a very poor work record because you don't want to go to work with bruises and swelling. 

You may find it difficult to concentrate because of the abuse. You may have a lot of hospital stays and feel that your employer will not understand why you attend hospital so often.


You may suffer from many physical effects of the abuse - bruising, broken bones, burns or stab wounds. 

You may also suffer from general poor health, have chronic tiredness and pain. 

The more your health deteriorates and the more tired you become the harder it is for you to realise that there is help available for you. 

You may also suffer from mental health problems including anxiety, depression and alcohol and drug related problems.


A form of abuse is for your partner to give you no access to money of your own. You may have to account for all the money in the household budget and be responsible for the increasing cost of running your home. Alternatively your partner will keep you in the dark about the household finances, not knowing how much the rent or mortgage is or even how to pay it.

No one deserves to be abused and you don't have to live with it. Women and Children First is a project that could help you.