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Business advice on consumer law

The business companion website from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, guidance on GOV.UK, weights and measures fees and charges, become a trusted trader.

Business advice on consumer law

If you run a business, or are considering setting up a new business, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute have created a "Business Companion" website which will provide you with detailed advice and guidance. 

Business companion

The Business Companion has guidance on the following:

What you sellGoods
Consumers' rights when they buy goods from you, including information on when to offer a refund, repair or replacement
Consumers' rights when you supply digital content - such as a mobile phone app, a computer game or a DVD
Consumers' rights when they buy your services - for example, estate agent services or mobile phone contract providers
Where you sellOn-premises sales
Selling on your business premises - for example, a shop or market stall (or when a contract is not made off-premises or at a distance)
Off-premises sales
Selling goods, services and digital content away from your business premises, such as contracts made in the customer's home or workplace
Distance sales
The sales of goods, services and digital content without face-to-face contact with the customer - such as online, mail order or by telephone
How you sellConsumer contracts
How and when a consumer contract is made, and how to be sure your transactions are legal and fair
Good practice
Your legal obligation to trade fairly with your customers; the law that protects consumers from unfair trading practices
Pricing & payment
The rules that cover displaying prices, unit and sale pricing, and taking payments legally and fairly
Key topicsUnderage sales
The age restrictions that apply to the sale of certain products and services, including alcohol, tobacco, blades, solvents and sunbeds
Food & drink
What the law says on preparing and selling food and drink, including hygiene, composition, labelling and packing
Product safety
If you import, produce or distribute goods, including second-hand, the law states they must be safe for the consumer to use
Key activitiesAnimals & agriculture
The law on the welfare of livestock, including transport, diseases, animal / pet feed and disposal
Weights & measures
The rules on selling goods by weight or measure - quantity, labelling, equipment and inspections
Business information / other
General business guidance, and a list of activities you may not expect to be covered by trading standards legislation

Further guidance

  • Detailed business guidance on the sale of goods and services and data protection can be found on the GOV.UK website.
  • Detailed business guidance for toy manufacturers can be found on the GOV.UK website.
  • Detailed business guidance on product safety legislation (The Blue Guide) can be found on the European Commission website.

Weights and measures fees and charges

For a full list of weighs and measures services and their costs, please visit the Fees and Charges webpage.

Become a Trusted Trader

Renfrewshire Council, in partnership with East Renfrewshire Council, operate a directory of customer rated local businesses. Members agree to abide by a specific code of practice as set out and vetted by Trading Standards.

Both councils will, in turn, promote member businesses to Renfrewshire & East Renfrewshire customers.

Visit our Become a Trusted Trader homepage for more information.