Renfrewshire Council

iLearn mandatory courses and alerts on BW/ERP

There are five mandatory courses on iLearn that all council employees must complete, as well as three additional courses for colleagues who have network access.

Our mandatory training courses have been created to ensure we all have the right knowledge and skills to carry out our daily duties in the safest ways possible, minimising any risks to ourselves, the council, and our service users. It's crucial everyone takes responsibility for their own learning and actions, and this is an area we will be monitoring throughout the year. 

As a result, we are asking all networked council employees, apart from teaching colleagues, to complete all the relevant mandatory training courses by Friday 13 September 2024.

We will be reporting on the compliance of services and teams to the CMT in the run up to this date, so please complete the mandatory courses as soon as possible, and before the Friday 13 September deadline at the latest.

Teaching colleagues are only required to complete the Cyber security - how to spot a phish course, and this should be completed during the in-service days in August.

Our people and organisational development colleagues will be in touch with managers of non-networked employees shortly, to understand how they can help facilitate their mandatory training.

Mandatory Courses

Everyone must complete:

Colleagues who have network access must also complete:

As you can see, there are four mandatory courses that now require to be completed on a regular basis. You can check your employee workspace in Business World to view when these were last completed.

Business World Alerts

Your iLearn course completions, including your mandatory courses, are now visible in Business World and are updated each night. You can view these through your Employee Workspace (Common > Employee Workspace > My Training). 

Managers can also see course completions for all employees they manage in the position hierarchy via the Line Manager Workspace.

When you log into iLearn, if you have completed the module previously, it will show as completed, but to update your training record in Business World, it needs to be done again.

To keep you up to date with your progress and compliance, the system will soon be sending reminder alerts and emails about mandatory courses that haven't been completed, or where the completion has expired.

The first of these alerts will be issued before the end of July to any colleagues, and their line manager, yet to complete their mandatory courses.

If any courses remain incomplete w/c Monday 19 August 2024, then a second alert reminder will be issued and will also be sent to the your line manager.


Once the deadline of Friday 13 September has passed, an update will be sent to each Head of Service to report on the levels of completion. Where colleagues have been unable to complete the training by deadline date, the Head of Service will engage with those colleagues either directly or via their line manager to find out if there are any issues with completing the training and what support is needed to ensure all training is completed. 

Where colleagues have not completed the Cyber security - how to spot a phish training, by the deadline date, this will be escalated to the Head of Service where a decision may be taken to withdraw access to the Council's ICT Network until this course has been completed.

Next steps and support

Please complete all the relevant mandatory training courses by Friday 13 September 2024.

If you have a query relating to iLearn course completions, please contact the mailbox.

For anyone needing help logging in to iLearn, you can find guidance, including a video guide on our staff webpage.

If you have a technical query, for example, the dashboards aren't loading, please check out the ERP Business World Support pages on the council website.