Renfrewshire Council

Climate change

Climate change action to make Renfrewshire net zero, our plan for Net Zero, our Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy and Delivery Plan, Community Climate Fund, Climate Change Action Fund, funding to make homes more energy efficient (ECO4 flex), partner projects, creation of biodiversity areas in Renfrewshire.

We want to end Renfrewshire's contribution to climate change within a generation.

We are committed to working towards net zero by 2030 for the whole of Renfrewshire to ensure a safer, healthier, greener and fairer place for everyone to live, work and spend time in.  But we need your support.

As a council, climate change is considered in every decision we take and we are reducing our carbon emissions at every opportunity.

To make real change though, we need our businesses, partners and communities to make the same commitment as independent research has shown the Council contributes only 2.5% of Renfrewshire's overall emissions - so collaboration will be essential.

Small changes can make a big difference.