Renfrewshire Council

This page is for Renfrewshire Council staff.

Change your annual leave and flexitime

Change your annual leave request on Business World, change or cancel your annual leave or flexitime leave requests on Imperago.

You'll need to make any changes or cancellations to your annual leave on Business World. If you use the Imperago flexitime system, you'll need to make any changes to your annual leave there too. 

This includes any leave you've requested using the flexible working hours scheme (flexitime), if your post has it.

Change your annual leave

If you want to change your annual leave request, log on to Business World and cancel the annual leave booking you've already made. 

You should then make a new annual leave request and submit it to your manager for approval.

When you submit it, it will go into 'In progress' until your manager has approved or declined it. 

If your manager approves your request, you'll see it in the 'Approved' panel. Your annual leave balance will then update automatically.

You should either submit your annual leave request to your manager or delete it until you are sure of what annual leave you want to book or cancel. Leaving draft annual leave requests in Business World can impact the efficiency of the Business World platform.

If your post has the flexible working hours scheme (flexitime)

If you use the Imperago system to record flexitime, you'll need to change or cancel your annual leave booking there too. This applies whether you are using annual leave entitlement or flexitime hours to book time off. 

If you want to change an annual leave or flexitime leave booking, you'll need to delete your original request first and then create a new request. 

To delete your leave:

  1. log onto the Imperago flexitime system 
  2. select 'Requests' on the left-hand side to see the requests you've recorded on the system - you may need to adjust the start and end dates of the calendar to find your request
  3. when you have found your request, click on the 'x' in the action column to cancel it
  4. on the pop-up warning window, click on 'OK' to confirm you want to delete it
  5. you can then create a new leave request using your flexitime hours.

If you are cancelling your leave request on Imperago, you don't need to create a new request. 

If you change or cancel leave where the date has already passed, this will affect your current flexitime balance.