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This page is for Renfrewshire Council staff.

Check your annual leave balance

How to check your annual leave balance on Business World, if you think your annual leave balance is wrong, your annual leave if you've started working here, have more than one position, changed jobs or leaving the council.

Check your annual leave balance on Business World

You can see how many annual leave days you have by logging into Business World and selecting 'Absences' on the 'Start pages' panel of the homepage.  

Here you will see how many days leave:

  • you're entitled to 
  • you've taken or booked already
  • you've got left. 

You'll also see your draft annual leave requests, your requests in progress and all approved requests, including ones you've already taken. 

If you don't have a council laptop or device, you can log onto Business World on the web using your own smartphone, tablet or laptop.  

For more help, see:

If you think your annual leave balance is wrong

If you are not sure what your annual leave entitlement is or you think it's wrong, speak to your line manager first. If it needs to be adjusted, they will contact HR and OD to get it changed.

If you've started working here

If you've started working at the council, your line manager should provide you with details on how to log into Business World. You can also find annual leave details in your Statement of Particulars that was included in your starter pack.

If you transfer to another job in the council  

If you transfer to a new position in the council, you must cancel any booked annual leave in your old position before you move to your new position.  

If you don't cancel it, you won't be able to rebook these days in your new position.

If you have more than one position at the council

If you have more than one position at the council, you'll see the annual leave for each position on the Absence screen of Business World. 

If you leave the council

If you leave the council, you must use all your remaining annual leave before you go. Your remaining leave is calculated pro-rata from to the number of completed months you've already worked over the calendar year.  If you have taken more annual leave than your remaining balance, this additional leave will normally be deducted from your final pay.