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Dargavel Primary School

Information for parents and carers of current and future pupils at Dargavel Primary School, location and headteacher, capacity details, new additional classrooms, how to contact us with questions.

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Location and headteacher

Dargavel Primary School is on Arrochar Drive in Dargavel Village, Bishopton.

Gerry Carlton is the headteacher.

The associated secondary school is Park Mains High School.

Current and future school capacity

Dargavel Primary School opened in January 2022.

There is capacity for all children entitled to a primary place in the current school year (August 2022 to June 2023).

August 2023 capacity

More capacity is needed at the school from August 2023 to welcome pupils starting school in future years.

Six additional new classrooms are being added to the school grounds before the start of the August 2023 term.

These fully-equipped high-quality classrooms will be modular buildings and include their own ICT equipment, heating, cloakroom and toilet facilities.

School staff and pupils have worked with artists to design the interior of each classroom.

The school Headteacher and management will determine which classes use the classrooms and have confirmed Primary One (P1) and Primary Two (P2) children will remain in the main school building.

Engagement with parents and carers is ongoing through the school's Parent Council to demonstrate their quality and flexibility.

These drawings from the planning application, which was approved in March 2023, show the location of the new classrooms and an outline of how they might look. 

They are being made off-site and delivered to the school at the end of June 2023.

Improvements to the main school building are also planned for completion during the summer 2023 school holidays to improve acoustics.

August 2024 capacity

Planning for pupils starting school in August 2024 is ongoing and arrangements will be confirmed with parents and carers in due course.

Future year capacity

Revised projections of the school roll by specialist data analysts show primary pupils could reach a potential maximum of 1500 by 2033.

We are taking forward work towards building another primary school within Dargavel for around 700 pupils.

Further options to increase primary school capacity in the wider area should it be needed will be developed in discussion with Dargavel Primary Parent Council and impacted parents. 

Updates and questions about capacity

We are keeping parents and carers updated on progress to address capacity within the Dargavel area. 

You can read these updates here:

Questions about capacity at Dargavel Primary School can be emailed to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Contacting the school about general matters

If you have any questions about other general school matters, you can contact the school as follows: