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Information about Dargavel Primary school, including location and head teacher, school capacity, and how to contact the school.

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Location and head teacher

Dargavel Primary School is on Arrochar Drive in Dargavel Village, Bishopton.

The head teacher is Gerry Carlton.

The associated secondary school is Park Mains High School.

School capacity

Dargavel Primary School will not have capacity for every child expected to start primary school as the Dargavel development grows in the years ahead.

The school has capacity for all children entitled to a primary place in the current school year (August 2023 to June 2024). However, we expect to have to limit the Primary 1 (P1) intake to 75 pupils a year from August 2024.

When a school is oversubscribed, we apply our admissions policy, which gives priority to pupils who already have sisters and brothers in the school, and then pupils who, for medical reasons, would have difficulty being educated elsewhere.

If, after applying this criteria, the school is still oversubscribed, then we move on to a ballot process. Pupils who do not get a place at the school will go to Bishopton Primary School, as the nearest alternative school.

The ballot for those registered to start P1 in August 2024 took place in January, and the families affected have been made aware of the outcome.

New additional primary school

We have started planning for a proposed additional primary school for 800 pupils in Dargavel.

We have identified a proposed location for the new school at the north end of Craigton Drive (shown on the map) and have an agreement with landowners BAE Systems for the transfer of this site.

Dargavel site map showing location of new school site and existing primary school
Map showing school sites

See larger version of Dargavel map [868KB]

The proposed arrangements for the new school are subject to a formal consultation with the community. This covers the proposed location for the new school, and the catchment arrangements for the new and existing schools.The consultation ran from 29 January until 26 March 2024 and the final report has now been published.

Read more information about the consultation.

If the new school is built, we estimate it will be ready to welcome pupils for the start of the school year in August 2027. We expect there will be capacity between Dargavel and Bishopton primaries for all Dargavel children who are due to start school before then.

Our agreement with landowners BAE Systems also includes us taking ownership of some land beside the current Dargavel Primary School (shown on the map), which would allow for potential future expansion if needed.

Accounts Commission

The Accounts Commission published a report of their findings into the council's handling of school provision in the Dargavel area on 18 January 2024. You can read the full report on their website.

A statement from Renfrewshire Council in response to the report reads: "The Council is confident it will provide the Controller of Audit and Commission members with the reassurance they require through our swift and ongoing response to the Bowles recommendations. The areas of focus detailed in the Report reflect the council's existing action plan, which is being delivered at pace, and we appreciate the Commission's recognition of this. The Council understands the Commission's desire for further reassurance.

"We note (and accept) criticism of our initial engagement on the council's decision to extend Park Mains, but the rationale for this and the financial and educational impacts of the alternatives have since been shared in detail, and we can evidence wide and positive engagement as we have progressed our planning. The decision to extend the school is welcomed by the majority of the Park Mains school community.

"We fully accept it will take time to rebuild trust, and communities have the right to be angry at the situation. We remain committed to getting things right for families in Dargavel and the wider Park Mains school community, to expanding school capacity and providing then best possible educational experience for local children, and to ensuring all local stakeholders are engaged and their voices heard.

"If approved by councillors, the next step will be to launch a comprehensive formal consultation on our proposals to deliver a new primary school for August 2027 through which the local community will have every chance to give us their views. We will continue to update Audit Scotland and all stakeholders on our progress."

Parent and carer updates

We are keeping parents and carers updated on progress to address school capacity in the Dargavel area. You can read these updates here:

Community email newsletter

Anyone interested in our work to address education capacity can sign-up for our free Dargavel community email newsletter.

Contacting the school

If you have questions about general school matters, you can email or phone the school by using the contact details below.

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