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Dargavel Primary School

Information for parents and carers of current and future pupils at Dargavel Primary School, location and headteacher, capacity details, new additional classrooms, how to contact us with questions.

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Location and headteacher

Dargavel Primary School is on Arrochar Drive in Dargavel Village, Bishopton.

Its Head Teacher is Gerry Carlton and its associated secondary school is Park Mains High School.

Current and future school capacity

Dargavel Primary School opened in January 2022.

The school currently has 463 pupils.

School capacity from August 2023

More capacity is needed at the school from August 2023 to welcome pupils starting school in future years.

Six new additional classrooms are planned to be added before the start of the August 2023 term.

These modular buildings in the school grounds will include their own heating, cloakroom, and toilet facilities.

The school Headteacher and management will determine which classes use the classrooms and engage with parents and carers to demonstrate their quality and flexibility.

The planning application for the modular buildings includes plans showing the proposed location of the new classrooms and visualisations showing an outline of how they might look.

A Special Meeting of the Education and Children's Services Policy Board was held on Monday 7 November where it was agreed to progress the procurement of the new classrooms.

Future year capacity

Revised projections of the school roll show there will be an eventual need to support a peak of around 1,100 pupils as Dargavel village grows over the next decade.  

This is being verified by an independent data analytics company and we will update parents and carers on an agreed future roll projection in early 2023. 

The additional classrooms will provide suitable capacity until a longer-term solution is developed through engagement with the school and wider village community.

The council will set out future steps in spring 2023.

How to contact us about capacity

We are keeping parents and carers updated on progress to address capacity.

Questions about capacity at Dargavel Primary School can be emailed to and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about other school matters

You can contact the school by calling 0300 300 1481 or emailing