Renfrewshire Council

School Parking Exclusion Zones EQIA

EQIA Summary

24th February 2020
We are introducing the 'School Parking Exclusion Zone' pilot project which aims to address traffic related issues by limiting traffic in the streets surrounding schools at key times, creating a predominantly car free zone. The pilot will be carried out in 4 schools; St Catherine's, Barsail, St Charles and Lochfield Primary Schools. We are aiming to create a safer, more pleasant environment for everyone around schools. We have identified potential impacts for parents, carers, school staff and local residents, where there may be the potential for negative equality impacts for disabled people, pregnant women, older people and carers. We will negate these potential impacts by using the blue badge scheme; putting in place arrangement for emergency permits; explaining the scheme in accessible formats; and exempting nurses, carers or visiting local residents from the scheme. There is also further consultation to take place to uncover any other impacts and an evaluation of the pilot gives further opportunities to promote equality of opportunity in designing and implementing the scheme.

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