Renfrewshire Council

Learning, health and wellbeing of children and young people

Mental health and wellbeing support for children, young people and families, health and wellbeing programmes at nursery and school.

If you're a young person and need support

Let someone know if you are having difficult coping. Speak to your class teacher or your mum, dad or carer and let them know what's going on.

You can log onto the Living Life to the Full website for support with your wellbeing and understanding your feelings. Your school can give you the password so you can log into the website for free.

You can also contact the Exchange counselling service

If you're a parent and your child needs support

Speak to your child's school if your child needs support or counselling.

We can offer a range of counselling services, including the new therapeutic counselling service that is available to all children and young people aged 10 or older.

You can make a referral online to The Exchange counselling service

If you're a parent and you need support

If you feel you need support at any point in time or have concerns about your child's or family's health and wellbeing, reach out to your school.

Your school can put you in touch with our educational psychologists who can help you to get the right support and advice for your circumstances. 

You can also try the free online course for adults by Living Life to the Full, which has been developed by accredited cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) experts.

You can follow our digital programme to support parents' wellbeing. It's laid out in six sections and you can work through it as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. 

Health and wellbeing programmes for young people in primary and secondary school

We use Seasons for Growth workshops to support P5 to S6 pupils' emotions around change, loss, grief and trauma.

It also promotes feelings of connectedness. Each workshop supports young people to identify strategies and people who can help them manage their feelings and adjust to our changed lives.

All young people in our secondary schools have access to this evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy programme. 

Health and wellbeing programmes for children in nursery and primary school

We teach emotional literacy to pupils in primary school and nursery to help children to talk through their experiences. 

We use the resources available from these evidence-based programmes: