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Dargavel Primary School

Details, dates and timescales for the new school, contingency arrangements, building design and outdoor facilities, visits to the school site, staff recruitment and updates for parents and carers.

The new Dargavel Primary School will be in Dargavel village, a new housing development in Bishopton. The school will be located on Arrochar Drive, just off Barrangary Road in the south section of Dargavel village. 

The address of the new school is Arrochar Drive, Bishopton, PA7 5HP, Renfrewshire.

See a map of where the school and nursery will be [237KB] in Dargavel village.

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Opening dates and timescales

The school will open on 6 January 2022. 

To allow staff in both Dargavel and Bishopton primary schools to make the necessary arrangements for the move, both schools will close earlier for the Christmas break on Monday 20 Decembver 2021. The exceptional closures days have been approved by the Scottish Government. 

See letter on exceptional closure days

The photos below show the current progress of construction. 

Front of Dargavel Primary School - 17 Nov 2021
Front of Dargavel Primary School

Back of Dargavel Primary School - 17 November 2021
Back of Dargavel Primary School

Multi Use Games Area - 25 August 2021
Multi Use Games Area

Gym Hall - 17 November 2021
Gym Hall

Outdoor seating area - 17 November 2021
Outdoor seating area

Classroom - 17 November 2021

Dinner hall - 17 November 2021
Dinner hall

Contingency arrangements

All pupils from Dargavel Primary and Bishopton Primary within Bishopton Primary School between August and December 2021. The number of pupils in Bishopton Primary School will be within the maximum limit set by the Scottish Government.

We expect pupils to have staggered lunch and break arrangements to ensure there is space for children to be active. Physical education (PE) will take place outdoors where possible. There will also be separate evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

See the class structures for Dargavel and Bishopton pupils.

Once the school is complete, all Dargavel pupils will move into the new school after the Christmas break.

Moving a school from an existing building into a new building usually takes about a week. We can move furniture, equipment and resources at any time. However, teachers can only set up the classrooms during the school day, which is when they will be teaching pupils. If we can free up teachers and staff to set up classrooms during the school day, we will do that. We have also asked Scottish Government for exceptional closure dates that will mean that Bishopton Primary School will close early on Monday 20 December 2021 for the Christmas break. 

Dargavel Primary pupils will be taught by a Dargavel teacher, and similarly Bishopton Primary pupils will be taught by a Bishopton teacher.

Information for pupils attending or applying to attend Dargavel Primary School

Building design and outdoor facilities

The building will have two floors and be able to accommodate 440 pupils. The ground floor will have eight learning spaces and the upper floor will have six, with a modern open space layout to allow class learning and breakout learning. 

The ground floor will have a dining hall and a combined assembly and gym hall area.

There will be a multi-use games area and a garden area. The games area will be available for community use and will have flood lighting. 

See a plan of the school and groundsĀ  [129KB]

The school is currently being developed by Robertson Construction on behalf of BAE systems.

Visits to the new school site

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, it is not possible to have site visits at the moment. We will let the parent council know if there can be site visits in the future.

The headteacher will also arrange for parents to visit the school, in line with any coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions in place when it opens. 


Gerry Carlton is the headteacher for Dargavel Primary. 

The link education manager for Dargavel Primary School is Laura McAllister.


We will continue to update this webpage with the latest information, including details of site and building works progress. We will also keep the parent council updated and send text messages with links to this information to parents and carers of children who will attend the school.

Other ways to keep up to date:

If you have any queries, please contact the headteacher Gerry Carlton, who will be based at Bishopton Primary. You can email him at or call 0300 300 1481.

You can also contact Children's Services at or call 0300 300 0170.