Renfrewshire Council

Alcohol and Drugs Commission

Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership's Alcohol and Drugs Commission has announced its proposals to tackle the challenges posed by alcohol and drugs in Renfrewshire. 

The Commission, which is the first of its kind in Scotland, has been exploring the issue since 2019 and has now published its findings in a report. 

The report sets out the work the Commission believes needs to happen in Renfrewshire in the next five years to improve the lives of people and families who have been impacted by alcohol and drugs. Its proposals include: 

  • urgently addressing issues around mental health services, including services for young people
  • trauma to be considered as part of everything that partners do in Renfrewshire and be fundamental to our work to reduce and prevent problems with alcohol and drug use and support recovery
  • whole system approach introduced to support people with their alcohol and drug use 
  • increase the reach and capacity across the whole support system for people using alcohol and drugs 
  • urgent changes to the building from which services are provided
  • review the support that is available to families impacted by drug and alcohol use - at all stages of life
  • provide leadership around alcohol supply, promotion and availability - all partners
  • value lived experience as part of the approach to recover in Renfrewshire - to develop meaningful relationships with recovery organisations and build strong partnership peer support models
  • tackle the stigma around alcohol and drug use and support opportunities for people to feel part of a wider community across Renfrewshire to support recovery.

The Commission's report follows on from the approach in 2015, when the partnership's Tackling Poverty Commission, reported on a series of recommendations to tackle poverty and reduce the inequality gap which are now embedded in the day-to-day work of the Council. 

The fresh approach focuses on individuals and families, rather than services, allowing organisations, groups, partners, the Council and communities to work together to improve the lives of local people and communities in Renfrewshire. 

You can read the full report and its findings below.