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Local Partnership Grant Funding

When can I apply for funding?

The Local Partnerships will meet in March to agree on what the priorities are for their local area for 2019/20.

Once these local priorities are agreed, applications for funding will be invited.

Information about the priorities will be made widely available following the meetings and information sessions will also be held to help you understand the priorities for each area and give support and advice about grant funding more broadly.

Applications will be assessed on how well they reflect the local priorities and then funding awarded at the next round of partnership meetings in June.

Key dates

March 2019
Local Partnerships meet to set their priorities
Applications for funding are invited following these meetings from mid March onwards
Guidance sent to potential applicants

April 2019
Information session held to support applicants
Applicants write their applications reflecting local priorities

20 May 2019
Closing date for submitting grant funding applications

June 2019
Local Partnerships make decisions to allocate funding from the general grant fund and common good funds

Autumn 2019
Participatory budgeting work takes place to allocate funding to youth projects

How did we get here?

Following the review of community level governance, the new model of Local Partnerships was agreed in September 2018.

The aims of Local Partnerships are to:

•             Make connections and networks between community groups and the wider community

•             Identify, set and share local community priorities

•             Listen to, consult and represent local communities

•             Distribute grants to support local priorities

They are made up of community representatives, councillors and others with a strong link to the area, meaning they can have a local approach, build on the strengths of the area and reflect the needs of local people.

The new Local Partnerships will consider applications and award grant funding that was previously overseen by the Local Area Committees.

Where can I get more information on grant funding?

We will be holding drop-in sessions to provide potential applicants with information on how the grants work, the local priorities for each Local Partnership and advice on alternative sources of funding. The sessions will take place on Wednesday 24 April from 5.30-7.30pm at Johnstone Town Hall and on Thursday May 2 from 2pm-4pm at the Abercorn Centre, West College Scotland in Paisley.

You can book a slot at our drop-in session here:

Johnstone Town Hall -

Abercorn Centre, Paisley -

For more information on grant funding and each Local Partnership's local priorities, contact the Community Planning Team on 0141 618 4168.

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