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ParentPay is a secure online payment system that replaces cash payments for school meals, trips, events and activities in our schools and nurseries.

ParentPay is easy to use, secure and protects your details.

You can top up your account when you want, so you can budget money for lunches, trips and activities. You can top up online or with cash at your local PayPoint.

You can monitor your child's eating habits by selecting specific meals from the school menu or see what meals or snacks they have chosen at school. Find out more about school meals and menus

Using ParentPay to pay for meals, trips or other school expenses means children don't have to bring cash with them to school.

Getting started

When your child's school starts using ParentPay, you will receive a letter with your activation details and instructions on how to set up your ParentPay account. 

If you have more than one child at a school or have children at different schools that use the ParentPay system, you can add them into one single account and have one login for all your children. 

ParentPay can also be linked to MyAccount, your own online council account. 

Log on to ParentPay if you already have an account.

Help and support

You can find help and support with your ParentPay account on the ParentPay website. 

You can also speak to your child's school if you need help using it.