Renfrewshire Council

Food hygiene information and complaints

Our environmental health and food safety officers routinely inspect food premises in Renfrewshire and make sure that they comply with food safety law. Businesses that don't comply can be prosecuted.

Complaints against traders

Our food enforcement officers also deal with public complaints about food. These can range from objects found in food, food past its 'use-by' date and food unfit for consumption.

Enforcement officers will often make a visit to the premises that sold the food. If they are outside Renfrewshire, the complaint is forwarded to the Council for that area.

Most complaints result in a warning to the offender together with advice or instructions on how to prevent it happening again. In some cases, the offender may be prosecuted.

To make a complaint please contact us.

Food Hygiene Information Scheme

Be sure the restaurant you're eating in meets food hygiene standards by checking it has a Food Hygiene Information Scheme 'Pass' before you book.  Ask the restaurant, look for the certificate or check the Food Standards Scotland website.

We give the business a certificate which we ask them to display on their window or door. It shows the results of their last inspection.  It will say:

  • Pass
  • Improvement Required
  • Awaiting Inspection

A small number of businesses may be exempt from the scheme as they are very low risk.

There is no legal requirement to display the certificate so many do not display their Improvement Required certificates. The best way is to check results is online.

(The results are based on the conditions found at the time of our inspection. Although we aim to provide the most up to date results, some businesses may not have been inspected for some time as we have to focus on higher risk businesses.)