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Benefits of working at the council

Information on the range of benefits available to Renfrewshire Council employees.

On this page:

As a Renfrewshire Council employee, you have access to a wide range of benefits designed to help you look after your physical and mental health.

These benefits include many of the things you might expect, such as pension and annual leave. But they also include loads of extras, from discounts and offers to our cycle-to-work scheme, which are accessible through the mylifestyle hub.

How to access your employee benefits on mylifestyle hub

The benefits listed on this page are available to all Renfrewshire Council employees. You don't need to have a council email address to access these benefits, but you do need to be a council employee.

You can access employee benefits including discounts, offers, and the cycle-to-work scheme by signing up to mylifestyle hub, which is provided through third-party supplier Edenred.

Here's how to sign up to the mylifestyle hub and access your benefits:

  1. Go to the mylifestyle hub registration page, and enter your payroll ID number and email address (this can be a personal email address if you don't have a council email address). You can find your payroll ID number on your payslip or on Business World.
  2. You'll receive a link via email asking you to add your name and create a password.
  3. Edenred will then send you a link to log in to the platform and access your benefits, discounts, and offers. It might take a few days since HR will need to manually review your application to make sure you're a Renfrewshire Council employee (that's why you need to provide your payroll ID number in step 1).
  4. Click the link and confirm your address, date of birth, and email address. You'll then have access to your employee benefits on the mylifestyle hub.

If you need help signing up to the mylifestyle hub, you can contact the Edenred help desk on or 0800 019 6666.

Why register for the mylifestyle hub

There are a range of offers and discounts available on the mylifestyle hub: supermarket discounts, travel and attractions vouchers, financial resources, private medical insurance, and much more.

Register for the mylifestyle hub today to explore the full range of benefits you have access to as a Renfrewshire Council employee.

Other benefits of working at the council

Here are just some of the other benefits of working at the council in addition to all the offers available on the mylifestyle hub.

Annual leave

Annual leave varies for office staff, craft workers, and teachers, so check your individual contract or speak to your line manager to confirm your specific allocation. You can also check the council's public holiday calendar to see dates when many services will be closed.

Flexible working

A good work-life balance benefits everyone. Talk to your line manager about voluntary reduced hours, term-time hours, compressed hours, home working, and more.

Flexi time

If you're eligible, you can accrue flexi time by working beyond your contractual hours to finish a task or project (with prior agreement from your line manager). This is helpful if you have a dentist appointment during working hours, for example.


If you have a contract of three months or more, you'll be automatically enrolled in the Strathclyde Pension Fund. Even if your contract is for fewer than three months, you can still choose to join the scheme.

Other benefits

There are lots of other benefits of working at the council, including support for working carers, counselling, special leave, and more. Talk to your line manager to learn more about the full range of staff benefits, or check your contract to learn about any individual terms of employment.