Renfrewshire Council

Our Renfrewshire community plan 2017 - 2027

This page provides an overview of the Our Renfrewshire community plan 2017-2027 and the four priorities of the plan.

Our Renfrewshire is the Community Plan for the ten year period 2017-2027 and acts as Renfrewshire's Local Outcome Improvement Plan, as required by the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Renfrewshire faces a number of exciting opportunities over the next ten years that we want to harness, and make sure everyone can feel the benefit of those opportunities.

We also face significant challenges, which we will only overcome by working together.

Our Renfrewshire has been developed together and signed up to by key public, private and third sector organisations. It marks a shared responsibility to work together to get things right for people in Renfrewshire, and a real commitment to addressing the inequalities that exist.

The content of Our Renfrewshire is the result of a conversation with partners and local people about opportunities, challenges and aspirations, informed by a comprehensive data and evidence set.

The vision for our Community Plan is: "working together to make Renfrewshire a fairer, more inclusive place where all our people, communities and businesses thrive".

Our priorities are:

Our Renfrewshire is thriving: maximising economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable

Our Renfrewshire is well: supporting the wellness and resilience of our citizens and communities

Our Renfrewshire is fair: addressing the inequalities that limit life chances

Our Renfrewshire is safe: protecting vulnerable people, and working together to manage the risk of harm