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Young people and homelessness

What to do if you're under 25 and homeless.

What to do if you're under 25 and homeless

If you're under 25 and you are homeless and have no accommodation, phone us on 0300 300 1203. We can be contacted by phone Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 4:45pm and on a Friday 8:45am to 3:55pm.

Any young person who is at risk of or is currently homeless can come to us and speak to one of our youth housing advisers. 

We will speak to every young person about their individual circumstances and look at all housing options available.

If it is possible, we will work with the young person to see if we can assist them to prevent their homeless situation.

If we are unable to prevent a young person from becoming homeless, we will provide them with emergency accommodation and offer them support to ensure that they engage with services.

Time to Mend Service

The mediation service works with young people and their families to help rebuild relationships.

This service is open to young people who are living in the family home to help prevent homelessness or for young people who are homeless and need emergency accommodation but would benefit of the support of their family for any future tenancies.

Resettlement Service

Our proactive resettlement approach helps young people sustain their tenancies.

We will work with the young person for up to a year offering practical guidance in setting up their home and sustaining their tenancy.

Liaison with Social Work Throughcare

Our team work closely with Social Work's Throughcare Team for young people who have been looked after and accommodated to ensure that young people benefit from the agreements between services. This allows the young person to receive a high priority for housing due to their circumstances.

Home for Keeps

We provide 1-to-1 interviews with young people to help them understand and prepare for the practicalities of having a house and some of the issues they may face.

Partnership working

We have strong links with other agencies and regularly refer to partner agencies such as Housing Support, Invest Renfrewshire Employability service, SAY Women, Women's Aid among others.