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Become a Supported Carer for a young person

Give a young person practical and emotional support for adult life.

You might remember when you first left home that your parents gave you a lot of support. They were there for you when you needed to ask questions, when you weren't sure what you needed to do or just needed reassurances.

They also helped you learn practical skills, such as how to cook, doing the washing, cleaning the house and budgeting your money.

There were times when you fell out with friends, were dumped by someone you were seeing or just having a hard time and your parents were on the other end of a phone to talk it all out.

You definitely did it with their help. That's where you can come in and help a care-experienced young person get the emotional and practical support they need to move into adulthood.

What do Supported Carers do?

Supported Carers give young people leaving care the opportunity to stay in a family home environment from 18 until the age of 21. They provide emotional support, such as managing the ups and downs of significant relationships, as well as practical support, such as cooking, housekeeping and budgeting money.

Who can be a carer?

Anyone can be a carer. You can:

  • Work full-time
  • Be single
  • Not have any children of your own
  • Be in a same-sex relationship

You shouldn't rule yourself out. Speak to one of our Supported Carer Teams on 0141 618 4531 to find out more.

What would I need to offer?

  • A spare bedroom
  • A warm welcome into your home
  • A listening ear and support to learn how to manage life's ups and downs
  • Support to learn practical life-skills

What support do I get?

  • A Supported Carer allowance
  • A support worker to help you at each step
  • Training to become a Supported Carer

What don't I need to provide?

  • An income for the young person - we will provide that
  • Specialist support - each young person will have a ThroughCare Worker

How do I get involved?

Contact the Supported Carers Service on 0141 618 4531 to register your interest in becoming a Supported Carer. You can also visit the Supported Carers page on our website to find out more.


Published 12 November 2019.