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Letters BSL signed in British Sign Language

Renfrewshire's British Sign Language (BSL) Plan

What our British Sign Language (BSL) plan is, who was involved, what you told us, watch the plan in our BSL videos.

What our British Sign Language (BSL) plan is

We've developed a British Sign Language plan to help us better meet the needs of BSL users. The actions within the plan cover a range of Council services, such as improving BSL content on the website and encouraging BSL-using parents to take part in Parent Councils.

Under the British Sign Language (Scotland) Act 2015, local authorities are required to publish their BSL plan by the start of May 2024. The plan was developed in consultation with BSL users in Renfrewshire and is available in BSL and English.

Read the  Renfrewshire BSL Plan [752KB] .

We're getting a BSL version of the plan created and will update this page shortly with a BSL version.