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Homes to rent in Glencairn Court, Gallowhill Court and Foxbar (Choice Based Lettings)

What Choice Based Lettings are, where properties are advertised, how to register your interest in a property, what properties you can register interest in, if we offer you a property.

What Choice Based Lettings are

Choice Based Lettings are Renfrewshire Council properties available to let in Glencairn Court, Gallowhill Court and Foxbar.

We are currently advertising properties in all parts of Foxbar in Paisley and  Gallowhill Court and Glencairn Court in Paisley, using our choice based lettings system. 

If you have any questions about this, contact our Allocations Team on telephone number 0300 300 0222 and select option 2.

You can also see what other homes are available  to rent in Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone.

What properties are available to rent

Available properties for Foxbar, Gallowhill Court and Glencairn Court in Paisley are advertised through advertised here

include information on the key features the property has to offer, as well as how you can note interest in properties.  This allows applicants to decide where they would like to stay and choose particular advertised properties they are interested in living in.

Every Monday this website features the latest available properties in our weekly list, and you can note interest in up to three properties during that week.

Adverts are also placed in our Customer Service Centres in Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone, the Homexchange Shop, Housing Advice Services, Foxbar Library and other Council buildings.

How to register your interest in a property

You must have a current housing application with Renfrewshire Council before you can note interest in an advertised property.

If you do not have a housing application registered with us, contact your local Customer Service Centre, Homexchange Shop or Housing Advice Services to arrange for a quick housing options interview. 

If you are a tenant of a housing association or private landlord, we will request a tenancy reference.

You can make a note of interest online for the advertised property you are interested in.

Use your housing application reference number to record your note of interest and ensure you fill out all the information required.  If you need assistance to complete this form, please contact your local Customer Service Centre, Homexchange Shop or Housing Advice Services, where staff will be happy to help you.  Please note that we must receive your note of interest by the closing date and time, or we will not be able to consider you for the property you asked for.

To note interest in a property, you have until:

  • midnight on the Sunday following the Monday advert if you are using our online service
  • 3.55pm on the Friday following the Monday advert if phoning or visiting one of our offices.

What properties you can register interest in

Each property advert provides a description of what features the property has, such as number of bedrooms, type of property, heating and cooking type and so on.  You must ensure that the property you note interest in will meet your needs.

If you think you might qualify for housing benefit, you should read our information about housing¬†benefit to make sure you are able to afford the type of property you would like to note interest in.

If we offer you a property

If we can offer you a property we aim to contact you as soon as possible after the advert closing date, to arrange a suitable date and time for you to view the property. 

If you become a tenant with us you will be required to pay one weeks' rent in advance. 

If you qualify for housing benefit this will be taken into account.  Your home is at risk if you do not keep up with rent payments.

If you refuse an offer made through HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Choice Based Lettings, it will be recorded as a refusal on your housing application in the same way as other offers of housing.

Allocation results

These are the latest allocation results for the properties successfully let through HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Choice Based Letting. 

We provide this information monthly detailing the the number of notes of interest received per advertised property and the priority group range the successful applicant was within.

We will not tell you any personal information about the successful applicant, like their name or former address.  

This feedback will give you an idea of how popular a property type, size or area is. This might help you decide whether to look for other types of property, or in a different area where there may be more availability. 

You can talk to a housing expert if you would like advice about your housing options or to complete an application for housing.

Applicants with particular needs

We are keen to ensure that all applicants are able to access HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Choice Based Lettings and arrangements can be made for applicants with particular needs who are interested in properties advertised through this to view the latest adverts and register their note of interest. 

Contact our Allocations Team on: 0300 300 0222 and choose option 2 to discuss your requirements.