Renfrewshire Council

Commercial waste services

Wheelie bin and sack collections for business and commercial premises, recycling commercial waste, special uplifts, disposing of your waste responsibly.

Wheelie bins

You will need to buy wheelie bins and pay for the collection of waste if you want us to collect waste from your business premises.

You can get wheelie bins in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs. 

Types of wheelie bins you can get for a commercial premises
Capacity (litres)Dimensions in mm (height / width / depth)Approximate sacks heldCost for the bin (excluding VAT)
140935 x 480 x 5502£43.05
2401080 x 580 x 7304£53.55
3601110 x 620 x 8606£107.10
12801430 x 1265 x 98521£413.70

Sack and bin collections

These are the costs for sack and bin collections at commercial premises:

Costs of bin collections for commercial premises
TypeFull costCost for charities (55%)
Bin 140 litre£4.85£2.67
Bin 240 litre£5.65£3.27
Bin 360 litre£8.10£4.46
Bin 660 litre£16.55£9.10
Bin 1100 litre£28.25£15.54
Bin 1280 litre£40.25£22.14

Commercial waste recycling

You must take all reasonable steps to recycle as much of your commercial waste as possible. 

Your business must present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card separately for collection.

If you run a food business which produces over 50 kilos of food waste per week, you must present it for separate collection.

The requirement to present food waste for separate collection will extend to all food businesses which produce over 5 kilos of food waste per week

These Waste (Scotland) Regulations apply to all waste producers including tradesmen, shops, offices, factories, restaurants, schools and hospitals, whether public or private.

This is how much recycling collections cost:

Commercial recycling collection
TypeFull costCost for charities (55%) 
Bin 140 litre£2.30£1.27
Bin 240 litre£4.20£2.31
Bin 360 litre£6.25£3.44
Bin 660 litre£10.50£5.78
Bin 1100 litre£18.80£10.34
Bin 1280 litre£19.25£10.59
Food Waste Trade Collection - 140 litre bin£4.80£2.64

Special uplifts for businesses and commercial premises

The starting cost for a special uplift is £88.00. There may be extra charges depending on the items for collection.

This does not include white goods, which will cost an extra £37.15 per item. Industrial-sized white goods may be charged at a higher rate.

When you request a special uplift, please list all the items for collection.

To ask for a special uplift, email our Trade Waste team at

Disposing of your waste responsibly

Any business, not-for-profit organisation, or public sector body has a legal requirement, called a Duty of Care, for the waste generated and you store, present, and dispose of your waste in a responsible manner. 

This means you must:

  • store your waste securely so it does not cause litter or attract vermin. 
  • make sure your waste is transferred to an authorised waste collector like the Council or a reputable waste contractor.
  • complete a waste transfer note for any transfer of waste and retain a copy of this note for two years.
  • register with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) if you are bringing your own commercial waste to a private contractor - registration is free on the SEPA website.