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Emergency repairs should be reported by phoning 0300 300 0300 (24 hours).

Emergency, urgent and non-emergency housing repairs

What emergency , urgent and non-emergency housing repairs are, general maintenance repairs, our housing repairs policy.

Day to day housing repairs are split into three main categories and there are different timescales for each.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs are repairs where there is a serious threat to health and safety or where we need to take quick action to prevent damage to your home or a neighbouring property.

These repairs will be attended to and made safe within one day of being reported.

Where possible we will carry out the full repair. However, if this is not possible we may carry out temporary repairs to make the situation safe and will then return to complete the repair.

Urgent repairs

Urgent repairs are not emergencies, but repairs which need to be carried out quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

These repairs will be carried out within 5 working days of being reported.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are everyday repairs which are required as a result of normal wear and tear to the property.

These repairs will be carried out within 15 working days of being reported.

Tenants also have the right to have small urgent repairs carried out within a certain timescale under the Right to Repair scheme. Further information regarding the scheme and the types of repairs covered can be found in our Right to Repair section.

General maintenance repairs

In addition to day to day repairs, there are certain repairs which we may carry out on a programmed basis. Generally these are non-urgent general maintenance repairs and many of these jobs involve renewing items, working at height or common repairs involving owners.

In some cases, it is of benefit to carry out larger scale repairs on a programmed basis rather than carrying out individual responsive repairs.

All repairs which fall into this category will be inspected before we programme the work. The length of time to complete these repairs will vary depending on the type of work required, but generally we would hope to complete these works within approximately three months.

Our housing repairs policy

Our housing repairs policy [458KB] explains:

  • the repairs that we  are responsible for
  • your responsibilities as a tenant
  • the different categories of repairs and their response times
  • how to report a repair.

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