Renfrewshire Council

Respite for adults with learning disabilities

Respite is a short break for families caring for a relative with a disability or long term mental or physical illness. Respite services for people with learning disabilities are provided on the basis of an individual assessment of need carried out by a social work or health professional.

Respite provides a break for carers and for individuals with disabilities from their usual routines in order to improve the quality of their lives and support their relationship.

We provide or arranges respite services in a variety of ways - respite episodes can last between a few hours and two weeks at a time.

Respite is a service which is highly valued by carers of people with disabilities. Early intervention and regular breaks help to keep families together and sustain carers in their long term caring role. Without this care, many people would be at risk, their quality of life would be poor and they may require admission to permanent care.