Renfrewshire Council

Report a housing repair

What repairs we'll do, what repairs we will not do, how long it will take, report a housing repair.

If you're a council tenant and something needs to be repaired at your home, tell us about the problem.

We'll arrange an appointment for the repair to be completed by a tradesperson or, if we need to inspect it first, a visit from a repairs and maintenance officer.

What repairs we'll do

If you're a council tenant, we'll repair certain problems at your property to make sure your home is a safe place to live.

We'll repair outside problems, such as:

  • roofs and chimneys
  • drains, gutters, and rainwater pipes
  • walls and windows
  • external doors and frames
  • boundary walls, fences, and paths
  • bin areas
  • washing line poles.

We'll repair inside problems, such as:

  • walls and ceilings
  • heating and hot water
  • plumbing
  • electrical wiring, sockets, light fittings, and hardwired smoke detectors
  • kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • doors and surrounds.

We'll also repair and maintain communal areas around the property, such as:

  • common entrances, including door entry systems
  • halls
  • stairways
  • lifts.

Repairs to communal areas may be a joint responsibility if other owners are involved.

What repairs we will not do

We will not repair minor problems at your home, such as:

  • minor fixtures, such as curtain rails and lightbulbs
  • replacing keys and fitting extra locks
  • internal decoration
  • floor coverings in kitchens and bathrooms
  • shower curtains
  • television aerials and reception equipment, except in some flats and sheltered housing complexes.

You are responsible for any non-standard fixtures or fittings that were part of the property when you moved in, such as floor coverings, garages, and sheds.

If you have any questions about what we will or will not repair:

How long it will take

For emergency repairs

If there is an emergency, we'll repair the problem, or seek further assistance if needed, within 1 day of getting your call.

For most other repairs

We'll try to do the repair as quickly as possible. Exact timings may depend on what the problem is.

If we need to look at the problem before we can order the repair, then we'll contact you and arrange for someone to visit your home.

Once we arrive, we'll try to finish the repair that day. If we cannot finish the repair in a single visit, we'll fix the problem so it's safe enough to return and finish the repair at a later time. We'll discuss it with you if this is needed.

Report an emergency housing repair

Most repairs are not emergencies.

An emergency repair is when the problem:

  • is a serious threat to health and safety
  • needs to be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to your home or a nearby property.

If you need an emergency repair, phone us on 0300 300 0300.

Report a non-emergency housing repair

You can report non-emergency housing repairs by filling out our online form.

Report a housing repair online.

You can also report a housing repair by phoning us on 0300 300 0300 or emailing us at

If you email us, make sure you tell us:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • what problem needs repairing
  • what days and times you will be at home so someone can do the repair.