Renfrewshire Council

Ownership enquiries and boundary disputes

To find out about Renfrewshire Council's ownership of land or property, contact our Asset and Estates Section.

The Council do not normally charge for providing information on council-owned land.

We will be able to deal with your enquiry more easily if you have a plan showing the location of the land / property that you are interested in. The plan should include the names of any adjoining streets; the property name or street number of the property you are interested in; and any adjoining land or property

If you own adjoining land, show the extent of your ownership on the plan

If you can't provide a plan, please provide a written description of the land / property with sufficient information to let us clearly identify the land / property of interest to you.

If you want to buy the land / property that you are enquiring about, please confirm this in writing at the start of your enquiry.

Boundary disputes
If your enquiry concerns a boundary dispute, the Council can help in situations where it owns the adjoining land.

If the adjoining land is owned by the Council but tenanted by another organisation, it is likely that the tenant has some liability in the matter.

Where a boundary dispute is involved, we would recommend, as a first step, that you consult your own title deeds and if you have any concerns regarding the interpretation of the contents, consult your own solicitor.