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Cyber-savvy teamwork triumphs in escape room

Recognising your role in protecting the Council

Large group of men and women smiling through cardboard sign at camera having completed escape room challenge
Waste strategy team celebrate their success
Teams across the Council recently came together to face a simulated cyber attack in a touring escape room event at the Piazza shopping centre in Paisley.  

Staff who took part in the challenge told us it was an eye-opening experience, with one message hitting home loud and clear—cyber security is a team effort and everyone's responsibility. 

From waste strategy to marketing, colleagues from various services banded together to crack codes, decipher clues, and outsmart virtual hackers. 

Reflecting on the experience, participants shared insights that underscored the importance of collaboration and learning in combatting cyber crime. 

"Teamwork won in the end," remarked waste advisor Eileen Dickinson. Other participants, like service coordination assistant Georgia Bell, echoed this sentiment, emphasising the power of collective effort when staying safe online. 

"We learned that when you think outside the box and work as a team, you can achieve anything...even saving the world from a computer hacker! Information, awareness, and soaking up different perspectives are critical to solving difficult problems." 

The Escape Room was an experience offered to Council staff, local community groups, and schools. Over the period, 360 people in 54 teams took part to help raise awareness of the importance of staying safe online.

Applying the lessons and recognising your role 

We all share the responsibility to protect our systems, and it's your role to raise your awareness and learn how to stay safe online.  

Our ICT team works incredibly hard to safeguard our network but cannot achieve this alone. It only takes one person using our network to get caught out by an online scam for significant consequences. 

Take full advantage of your wealth of resources as a council colleague. Dive in and immerse yourself in the information and guidance available to enhance your understanding of cyber security and your ability to protect our systems. 

Start with your mandatory cyber security training, 'RenTalks: How to spot a phish,' on iLearn, and revisit it at least once a year to remind yourself of the critical lessons. 

Cyber crime is ever-evolving, and with new scams and techniques emerging all the time, make sure you stay cyber savvy by: 

Remember, cyber security is a team effort. By staying updated and continuously learning, you are taking an active role in our collective defence against cyber threats. By working together and staying informed, we protect the Council, our residents, and our colleagues.  

Published Thursday 04 April 2024