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Overtime and allowances claims on Business World

How to submit overtime and allowances claims on Business World and reminders about submitting your claim.

How to submit overtime and allowances claims

You can submit expense claims within the ERP Business World. Your claim will workflow to your line manager for approval within the system. Supply hour claims will workflow to the budget manager instead. After your claim is approved within Business World, payroll can make payment. Please see speak with payroll for more information regarding deadlines.

Reminders about submitting your claim

When submitting an overtime or allowance claim within Business World, please remember:

  • minutes must be submitted in decimal format -  Minute to decimal conversion table for overtime claims [155KB]
  • not to submit claims with 0 hours/balance. (A message will display when you try to submit a clam with 0 hours/balance as a reminder)
  • claims should be submitted within 90 days (claims over 90 days old will require a second level of approval from your line manager's line manager)
  • to update the correct cost centre code if required
  • to check you have selected the correct position for the claim

User guides on how to submit overtime or allowance claims

User guides on how to: